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Monday, July 05, 2004

Why it's here

I intend to use this web log as a place to post thoughts and opinions about things which are "good enough". For example, I am posting this using a 366Mhz machine -"light years" behind current technology in the PC world. It's been upgraded somewhat - more memory, a second hard drive. Why haven't I bought a new machine? Simple - this one is good enough. I use it for e-mail, Internet surfing, some programming, XML, PaintShop Pro, burning CDs, and some other stuff. It's perfectly adequate for what I'm doing, so why should I spend money on a superfast machine? This is what I mean by "good enough" - something is "good enough" when it does the tasks you want, for a price you like, without hindering you in significant ways. There are other definitions, of course, for other situations, but we'll save those for the appropriate time. For now, I hope this explanation itself is "good enough".


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