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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Is a Kerry/Edwards ticket "good enough"?

While I consider myself in the "Anybody But Bush" camp - I wonder, is the Kerry/Edwards ticket strong enough to win? I haven't seen a lot of pizazz, nor a lot of smoke and thunder, from the Kerry camp. That may, however, just be good enough strategy: when your opponent continues to do stupid stuff all the time, just hold back until later in the campaign. The Bush camp seems mired, now, in the misfortunes of our poor military in Iraq. I feel for those soldiers - I didn't believe in the invasion, but I'm not in the military and I have the luxury of sitting home. If you're a military guy, you don't have that choice, and when your commanders send you on a mission out of stupidity and/or for misguided personal notions, you're bound by oath to try to comply. The result has not been pretty. I'm sure you've seen statistics of all of the American deaths, and if you're diligent, you may even have found the number of American injured, which is many many more. For parents, co-workers, siblings, and friends of these guys, it certainly is not "good enough". As long as the administration continues in this manner, the public will continue to lose faith, and Kerry and Edwards can wait before going into "major campaigning" mode. It may not be a matter of their being good enough, but rather of the Bush administration not being good enough.


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