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Thursday, July 15, 2004

"good enough" for a dead person

I haven't been posting, because I've travelled to my father-in-law's memorial service.  Now, I've always thought that cemeteries were a waste of space, though I do understand some of the health reasons behind embalming. What made me write this post, however, is what is sort of the "norm" at the church he attended.  Members there are usually cremated and then inurned (thanks to my brother-in-law, who says that inurnment is the correct term), in a cardboard box.  They are then placed in the ground in the memorial garden - and this is why the cardboard box is "good enough" - where the biodegradable container breaks down, nature (bugs, worms, etc.) do their inevitable thing, and it all cycles back. I don't know what value ashes add to the garden soil, but it's got to be better than a lacquered wood box.


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