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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Update on the cell phone / organizer issue

In this post I hypothesized that the cell phone would be better than the organizer. It is, in fact, better.

The desktop software enable me to export some contacts from Palm Desktop - of course in the lingua franca of data exchange the comma-delimited file, rather than some contact standard - and import them into the Desktop program for the phone, then sync them to the phone. A cumbersome process, but it works. Maybe there's a better way but I haven't found it yet.

It's got one nagging problem - you can't download schedule items from the PC software, only contacts. If I want a schedule item on the phone, I have to enter it by hand, which is not only a pain but violates one of my cardinal rules: if data is in a computer, one should never have to re-enter it to move it to another computer (and your cell phone is a computer, nake no mistake about that). So, I'll have to see what can be done about that, but otherwise the cell phone is "good enough".


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