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Sunday, January 02, 2005

'Twas the Season

Another Holiday Season™ has come and gone. Mine was, as usual "good enough" - I had fun, I got a couple of nice presents, and I enjoyed visits from relatives. One present I'll talk about in the context of this journal.

We bought ourselves a digital camera, which we'll enjoy as we travel. We didn't buy the best-of-breed, but rather picked a price point more-or-less and then picked a good camera in that range. I'm no camera expert, so we didn't have a long laundry list of featuers we wanted, just a few: made by a camera company (i.e. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Kodak, etcetera), optical zoom, relative ease of use, and a memory card that was fairly popular. You, of course, would have your own criteria. But as I've probably said too many times already - if you get what you want, at a price you consider affordable, that's "good enough".

That brings up another holiday issue, too. If you read all of the hype before and during the holiday buying season, there are any number of expensive new things you might feel that you should have bought. Well, it's not true. Ads and newspaper write-ups are the public relations game for the people that want you to buy their stuff, they're not interested in the stuff you want to buy. If you bought gifts you thought were "good enough" then good for you! You probably managed to have a holiday buying season that you figured you could afford, whether you paid in cash or you bought it on credit; and the recipients of the gifts will enjoy them just the same.

As this new year begins, I hope your new one will be "good enough" - for you and yours.


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