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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Downgrading to "good enough"

I've begun an experiment, of sorts, in the "good enough" vein. I think I've mentioned previously that I bought a low-end PDA to use for addresses and phone numbers. Low-end as it was, it still cost over $100. Now, I've purchased a $12.99 "organizer" and when the software is installed on my PC, I will see if I can download my current address book information into it. It's got a backlight, a minimal 4(?) line LCD, and a QWERTY keyboard. Other than address book functions it has the usual for these kinds of organizers including clock, scheduling, spell checking and calculator functions. There are less expensive models, but they don't have any PC connectivity and I'd really like to avoid re-entering my data again. I chose a keyboard-based one because doing the stylus hunt-and-peck for entering text was really getting old. If this works out, then I'll have successfully downgraded to something that meets my definition of "good enough" - it will do what I want, at the price point I want. Remember, my needs are not for a full PDA, I'm just going to throw this in the suitcase or car to use for looking up phone numbers and addresses, an electronic replacement for a little address book.


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